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My business card.
This playful jab at suburban Chesterfield, MO was my best selling postcard.
Many of my postcards celebrated landmarks of different parts of the St. Louis area.
The breathtaking River Des Peres.
Beautiful Kirkwood, MO
This is an example of one of Big Small Town's folding greeting cards. Caption: All signs point to a great birthday.
This web banner advertised much of the Big Small Town line of greeting cards and postcards.
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Big Small Town Designs

I owned an operated Big Small Town Designs, a company that created, manufactured, and marketed postcards and greeting cards from 2006-2011. I took most of the photography, much of which was of St. Louis-oriented, signage-based, and often with a subtle sense of humor. Here is a small selection.

Bill Michalski
Graphic Designer St. Louis, MO