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Eagle at the airport
Jupiter 2, Welcome home.
Classic Jupiter 2 crash landing.
Invasion Philly:Attack
Invasion Philly: Formation
Beaster attack on Imperial Ships
Imperial Fleet Shakedown
Driving home from work...
SPACE 1999 Eagle Transport Lands in Cherry Hill, NJ
SPACE 1999 Eagle Transport Lands in Cherry Hill, NJ
Spider Drone
Spider Droid being airlifted to Western Ukraine
CNN Reports drones being deployed to Western Ukraine
Invasion Philly:Orbit
Invasion Philly:Recon
AZP: Advanced Zombie Pacifier
Hidden Arctic Base
Visitation 2 - A remake of my original Visitation
A bad freakin day for the slopes - Vacationing during a galactic squabble
Man Made Continent - The last refuge of man
Stryker Chase - Big ships chase small ones
The Ravens - Warhound vehicles stand ready for loading on the War Ravens
Shore Leave
Hiatus Landing
Hiatus Launch
Ready for Launch
Road Rage
New Egypt revisited and populated
Star Fleet Armada Carrier - A vehicle that transports star ships
ISS Mckinley
Approach vector
Millions Prepared
Bruiser Towing Vehicle - My attempt at a NOSTROMO type vehicle
New Egypt Scenes - Pyramid cities created in Vue
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Science Fiction Art
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