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My son told me if I started the batmobile it would melt my Ford Edge. So I didn't.
The tumbler took up too much space, so I traded it in.
Space 1999 Eagles at the Linc in Philly.
My old job being visited by the new owners.
There is nothing unusual about a weapons platform rolling down Berlin-Crosskeys Road.
A t-Shirt design I came up with using Jay Pharoah's image of Dr. Ben Carson
REALISTIC chocolate pouring over a chocolate bar. I used Blender and other programs to do this.
A buddy of mine always wanted a Range Rove, so I parked one outside his apartment.
I needed something a little beefier to get around in the snow.
I hate road blocks during winter storms.
Darth and Sid waiting for the EL to go downtown.
I should have added sparks. Next time.
Flying saucers in West Philly...no big deal.
Left to right top Rev Lorenzo Jones as a Vulcan Priest, a Predator and Iron Man. Left to right bottom is Dave Garnett as Master Yoda and a Klingon Officer. They love the attention.
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The Fun Stuff

The rendering and art of things not real...for fun.

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Bill Ladson
Fine and Digital Art, Fashion and Product Design, Concept and... Sicklerville, NJ