Nike Hindsight - White - The design of the glasses drew on athletically inspired designs and focused on providing wide protective coverage. This goal also conveniently aided in allowing the lens to fully cover augment the eye's field of view.
Nike Hindsight - Money - The Hindsight concept uses Fresnel lenses integrated into the sides of simple eyewear to enhance a bicyclists field of view. In this example, the rapidly approaching taxi is seen sooner in the Hindsight lens than without.
Nike Hindsight - Van Pt - Intersections present a very treacherous situation for riders. With only 180 degrees of forward vision (white fields), they may not be ware of approaching vehicles.
Nike Hindsight - Diagram - I would just read the words in the picture for this one. I would point out the notches at the top indicating degrees of view, they are accurate and also took longer than they should have.
Form Development - The form development was given a lot of leeway by way of the concept's few constraints that it placed on overall appearance.
Nike Hindsight
Bill May
Billy May New York, NY