Promotional Rack Card & Room Welcome for Inn of the Sea Vacations - Rack Cards are displayed at all tourist activity locations (ferries, bus depot, etc)
Gift Certificates for Inn of the Sea Vacations in British Columbia - Gift Certificates
Gift Certificate & Label - Gift Certificate and Label for Coffee Packages for theSelkirk Coffee Company, a trendy Coffee shop on the Selkirk Water front in Victoria, BC
Copy Centre Price List for Monk Office Supply - Tri-fold Price List
Real Estate Rack Card Mailers - 4" x 9" Rack Cards for Polo Park & Georgetown Sqare. A housing developement and a town house developement
Post Card & Coupons - Mail out Post Cards & Coupons to advertise for Zesto's Subs & Wraps
Gift Certificate - Gift Certificate for James Bay 1 Hour Photo in Victoria, BC
Poster, Tent Card & Post Card - 24" x 30" Poster, Tent Card & Post Cards for advertising on Carnival Cruise Line
Misc Print Material
Robin Hindle
Freelance Graphic Designer Wolfville, Canada