muse magazine - Concepted & designed this fictional magazine, masthead and cover story spread. Dimisions are 10x10. This project won a silver addy (west michigan ad club).
vomero salon identity system - I designed and concepted a logo, letterhead, business cards, envelope and client card for an aveda salon here in Grand Rapids, MI.
Pull+Bear Apparel annual report - ({Objectives} To design and annual report that reflects Pull and Bear’s Concept and Style.

{Innovative Marketing} [annual report]: Create and design a unique annual report that portray Pull and Bear in the appropriate and desired brand image.

{Target Audience} Shareholders, mid twenties-up, cross gender platform.

{Desired Brand Image} Feminine,culturally eclectic, witty, sophisticated, magnetic and whimsical- recycled vintage elements.

{Single Minded Proposition} To communicate to the audience that Pull and Bear is not only Feminine,culturally eclectic, witty, sophisticated, magnetic and whimsical but that they are a company that is savvy when it comes to marketing and appealing to their customers is their number one point, but they also make show that there concept is working and is reflected in their financial.

topless in heaven.. - vector illustration that intially done for a music CD, but recently made into a poster for a gallery exhibition.
Kent County Litercy Council Identity & promo posters - Pro-bono assignment to completly redo identity system and make promotional posters to help increase volunteers for the non-profit in Grand Rapids.
visual overload - vector illustration
18x24 poster
2004 Quannum tour posters - vector illustrations
22x35 posters
fleurs - vector illustration
stop and smell the flowers. - Title: Stop to smell the flowers..
Client: N/A
Size: 24 x 18
Vector illustration mixed with my own photography, my goal was to create a layered and harmonious look.
shirt designs - 3 t-shirt designs
{1} love birds
{2} bluebirds are blue
{3} organic
gun love - mixed media vector illustration
18x24 poster
deer in the meadow - mixed media illustration
daydreaming - vector illustration
voices in my head... - vector illustration
65x36 poster
yum yum! - vector illustration
18x24 poster
The melting popsicle birdie seal of approval - Title: The melting popsicle birdie seal of approval
Client: N/A
Size: 18 x 24
Personal vector illustration done for gallery show.
Grand Rapids Graffiti Exhibition Poster - 24x18 fold up mailer
double sided
website screen shots
website screen shots - flip book of my portfolio
hoot-hoot - 24x18 Vector illustration/mixed elements poster designed for gallery show
whale time - 18 x24vector illustration
poster designed for gallery exhibition
bluebirds are blue
gallery ad poster 1
gallery ad poster 2
G1 Transformer campaign - all vector illustrations
POS dispay
Trade magazine ad
and 2 small brochures
Terres Gauda Wine Poster - 30x40
Happy VD!!! - silly
Student portfolio
Eliza DeVogel
Softlines (Textile) Print and Pattern Designer Cleveland, OH