Shodon - Trailer

Video by Lisa Ehmer
Main arena "Alien Nest"

Level art by Richard Kubusch & Julian Bragagna
Shogun kill

Weapon model by Julian Bragagna
Character model by Marina Bötel
The 'Kami' as seen when carried

Creature art by Lisa Ehmer
Unfinished map 'Golden Path'
Unfinished map 'Heavy Cross'

UI art by Martin Schäfer
Interface flowchart for menu guidance
State diagram for objective display

Class-based 2v2 online arena shooter with gamemode Oddball (the teams gather points by carrying around an artifact, the team gathering points the quickest wins)
Made with Unreal Engine 4
Logo art by Lisa Ehmer

This student project had six digital artists (plus two external), two programmers, a producer, an external sound designer and me as game designer to become what it now is. I took the part of writing a Wiki with pages about sounds, particles, UI, animations and countless others. As with my previous semester project, Pirate Fiesta, I implemented the character animations and most of the visual effects. Also I designed the main level 'Alien nest' along with multiple others who couldn't make it into the game.

Benjamin Rosenberger
Game Designer & Developer Berlin, Germany