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Sketch board - to create a band width and become some direction for the topic.
The functional principle is a future based complex system for a energy efficient and to alleviating attrition on the machine while have a high impact on the wooden floor.
Design varaints
Detailing the chosen design with marker sketches.
Explosion rendering to show all working parts.
Product renderings.
Ergonomic adjustabillity.
Composition on wooden floor.
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Bachelor Thesis wooden floor sander

The bachelor thesis deals with the topic wooden floor sanders. With the trend back to nature more and more people like to unveil their wooden floors from carpet and paint.
Also more and more people install prefinished floor. Especially for those the pEZO is the ideal machine.

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Freelance, Moonlighting
Björn Kokoschko
MA Engineering Design Magdeburg, Germany