SAPPHIRE Checklist Features

SAPPHIRE Checklist’s Features:

Allow your team to manage themselves by assigning a task to one team member and approval to another.

Manage any size project by breaking up your tasks into stages.

The ‘add notes’ feature within a team’s task allows you to keep everyone on the same page.

Give your client an accurate status based on the amount of completed tasks in your checklist.

Save time when creating a new checklist by importing an existing checklist from a spreadsheet.

Steer clear of team burnout by adding a ‘buffer’ zone time to each of your checklist tasks.

Clients can delay projects by failing to deliver content or signoff on time. SAPPHIRE Checklist identifies the precise delays occurring and those responsible to prevent any future delays.

Chase up delayed tasks by sending off a friendly reminder to team members anywhere in the world.

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