VW Beetle - sketch render of vw beetle.
Step by step sketch-render
coffee van - a coffee van made for a friend, who owns a coffee shop
honda hatchback side view
Mean Looking Coupe - Awesome side mirror, though unrealistic looking.
audi tt
mechanical water strider - just some fun stuff.
past sketches and model
r/c boat model
r/c boat presentation - r/c boat. fiberglass mold and body. baterry powered.
yamaha boat 30' - assignment for drawing class. black prismacolor pencil on vellum
honda hatchback project - final board for trans 1 class
sketchbook pro sketch - sketch-render of a car.
Transportation Ideation & Sketches

Car sketches, existing car sketches, or plain ideation and renderings I've made

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Jevry Lo
Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer Jakarta, Indonesia