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Initial sketches for the RemoteCozy including some first 3D printed prototypes.
Initial prototypes. The end result would move very far from these. Most of these I chose current traditional shapes before exploring out.
27 versions were made, while drawings and renders were helpful ultimately you needed to feel it in hand.
For users with larger hands its hard to reach the buttons in the middle. I found by adding a front protrusion and rear slope it was possible to make a remote that was easy to manipulate back and forth with one finger without hyper-extending the thumb.
Developing the finger channel and finger rest area took a lot of iterations.
Final rendering in a wood material
Side view in wood render
From the front, with an open front for IR emitter and easy removal
Apple TV RemoteCozy

The new 2015 Apple TV is a device with great potential. Its remote though, feels like it was designed to fit with a box and not the hand. RemoteCozy is an exercise in solving some of its inherent issues:
-Too small in the hand
-Easy to lose
-Hard to use the lower buttons

After having the initial thought to make it out of an injection moulded plastic I noticed several other companies were making competing products out of silicone. I decided that for a premium product in the living room that it would be nice to differentiate but having a premium material like wood.

Ben Martinek
Product Designer / Founder San Francisco, CA