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Initial isometric of the the concept.
initial profile view
Initial rear isometric
Initial rough 3D printed prototype. Worked surprisingly well.
fit was very snug to the Apple USB Charger
Secondary ideation sketch. These ideas were riffs off of Apple's existing design langauge. Ultimately I decided to keep it simple as possible with a goal that is should have looked like it came with the Apple USB Charger.
Final CAD rendering in Fusion360 showing assembly
Final production prototypes, showing use as a travel stand
Pre-production back and front view
Showing fit with iPhone5
Hero image with iPhone6 for crowdfunding campaign
View showing the charging light animation.
Final production version in packaging
PocketDock: Worlds Smallest iPhone Charger

Completed: September 2015

PocketDock is the smallest possible charging solution for iPhone. Designed to reuse the existing Apple USB Charger, PocketDock keeps your phone off the ground and lets the user know the charger state. Also it functions as a travel stand and night light.

Ben Martinek
Product Designer / Founder San Francisco, CA