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The project began with coffee cups and saucers. Once a few styles were developed, I explored other components, such as plates, bowls, serving platters, and wine goblets.
To obtain further understandings of proportions, volumes and forms, I made rough paper models.
Two forms, a masculine and a feminine, emerged. I created foam models to further visualize the designs.
There were strengths and weaknesses in each design, so I chose to combine the strengths into a single new form language.
Further refined coffee cup models were created. The forms from these models were extrapolated into new members of the family.
I made sketches and drawings for each new piece and then a model from urethane, analyzing every detail - thicknesses, touch points, heights, and diameters. I made models for a coffee cup and saucer, cereal bowl, wine goblet, dinner plate, and serving platter.
The final step in the design process, CAD. This gave me the opportunity to not only expand the family, but to go over every detail one more time. Some pieces received minor changes. The coffee cup was slimmed, and I changed the saucer, creating a reflection of form between the coffee cup and the saucer. Rendering the family allowed me to explore the effect of actual materials and finishes.
While these dishes would be slip-cast for actual production, I 3D printed many of the pieces for my set. These prints were sanded, filled, primed, and then top coated with autobody paint and a clear coat to simulate the glaze on ceramics.
Our final peices were exhibited at Mithun in Seattle along with a packaging concept.
For our exhibition I created the print media for the show including the poster (shown), mailer, email, and display graphics.
Relic - Tableware

The dish acts as the canvas for the discovery of culture through food. As culture is ever shifting, so must the canvas. With this inspiration, I created a new aesthetic and interpretation of the dish.
The set is the result of 15 weeks of design - repeating cycles of sketching, paper models and foam models. The evolution and cross breeding of different designs led to my final design and family of dishware.

Freelance, Full-time
Bryce Moulton
Industrial Designer Poulsbo, WA