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Perkins+Will Architecture Seattle office. Image by ye-h photography, www.yeh.com
Media Math office, NYC
KEXP Radio office, Seattle.
Smith Optics office, Portland, just after install.
Marketing renders to show the variety of workstation types.
Part of the vision for the Bahn open office system, was a height adjustable workbench. Watson has always promoted height adjustable desks in the workplace, and one of the most cost effective ways is with a workbench. The shared base saves on cost, and cleans up the aesthetic since the desk feet are no longer needed. So, part of developing Bahn was also developing a workbench utilizing the Bahn Raceway and Screens, and compatibility with existing storage and the new Bahn storage. It would later be branded under the Seven line of height adjustable desks.
Living in an early prototype for testing. | Getting feedback on the design from local architects and designers. | One of the final prototypes.
Shown here with Watson Zo Storage, a pre-existing product line.
A connection extender can be specified to allow for space saving integration of tall storage pieces, like the Bahn Side Tower.
Three screen options to choose from, fabric wrapped square or rounded, or whiteboard laminate.
Works with Bahn Aisle screens as well.
A single sided version is necessary for benching products. Seems un-intuitive, but designers and specifiers want consistency throughout a floor plan. So for the 5% of stations that are against a wall, or where there just wasn't enough room for a full workbench, this is specified instead.
It can also be used mid-run to get around building features, like a column.
Watson also manufactures furniture for 911 Dispatch Centers and similar applications. Due to the Seven Workbench's success in commercial, a few tweaks and alternate accessories were added, and it was added under the Watson Dispatch Brand as the Relay Workbench.
Seven Workbench

The Seven Workbench creates an efficient workstation that delivers power, data and user adjustability in one product. The integrated design includes advanced cable management, privacy options, and increased cost efficiency for active and beautiful office environments.

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Bryce Moulton
Industrial Designer Poulsbo, WA