Microphone - Drawn and Rendered In AutoCAD. Part of a Music artist logo.
3D- Existing School - 3D layouf of an existing school. Done in autocad. With all the roof top equipment. Working from site pictures and blue prints.
3D Name Plate - Drawn and rendered in AutoCAD.
3D Stage (Bruce Lee Inspired)
Name (Background)
Work 3D logo
Media Logo
Patio Deck (Setchup)
Patio Deck (Setchup)
Patio Deck (Setchup)
911 A day to REMEMBER 4 EVER
Personal Graphic Background
3D Stars (Concept)
Company Logo - Drawn and Rendered in AutoCAD
Company (Background) - Drawn and Rendered In AutoCAD.
3D Work
Freelance, Moonlighting
Jose Rodriguez
UPDATES North Brunswick, NJ