Bo Peep Logo - This is a logo that I made for my personal project of graphic t-shirts. I wanted something simple and when people saw it, Bow would immediately come to mind
Fantastic Scholastic Tutoring Logo - For this, the client wanted a logo that had many elements to portray education and her tutoring services. What I presented was a logo that has many recognizable elements and tools that are consistent with education and also play on the shape of the drafting compass to produce an A+.
New Sparky's Den Logo - The old logo was just a Times New Roman font with a Sparky tail and pitchfork. Since I worked there, I took it upon myself to make something more fun and exciting. The new font is an original that I created just for this logo and made the tail and pitchfork more integrated rather than just pasted on. The little flame as an apostrophe was an input from another co-worker which I think made it perfect.
For this logo, the client asked for a logo for a fictional space program to be featured in a short film. The logo would be put on a flight suit so I immediately thought constraining the graphics to a circle would be perfect for a patch that can be applied on to the suit.
The Navajo Nation Judicial Branch was looking for a new seal to represent the office. I submitted this design.
Logo Designs

Logo Designs that I've had the opportunity to make.

Bo Huskon
Graphic Designer Mesa, AZ