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Glow - Glow-Bed side table with light glow at night. Romance and Relax....
The transparent open case allows user to put anything they want.
Citips - Citips is my 4th year Thesis Project. Citips is a "ready-to-produce" project. It has a 70-page document fully describe every detail of the product, also with two real size model devices.
What Is Citips?
Citips is a personalized urban exploration system comprised of a hand held device, a web site and a team "Local Expert". Through Citips, user will discover a new side of the cityscape; explore the things which satisfy their personal interests. Instead of invent a new tech., Citips utilizes exiting tech (mobile tech.)......more detail plz contact me
Flow - Flow-Coffee Table
Multi-function furniture with one adjustable (bendable) end.
TonMat - TonMat applies the basic theories of Acupressure (Tui-Na) and Heated Stone Spa Therapy in to a soft cushion. The bumps on the cushion are pressure nodes which imitate function of heated stone that help to relax and release pains.
How TonMat works ? User just simply lies on TonMat, turns on the switch. The pressure nodes will radiate the heat gently and stimulate the specific acupuncture points.
Spider Roll - Spider Roll is a biological toy; utilize spider's biologic characteristic develop am educationl toy. It allows kids play and learning at the same time. Also kids can practice their hands and eyes skills. Be creative and smart.
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Bonnie Chen
Toronto and Taiwan, ON