Concept Sketching - Some character studies from a graphic novel concept in progress. Ball point pen on paper.
Product Sketching - My favorite concept for a 4-point restraint marketed toward young users. Ford developed the restraint system and asked the class to create concepts for the buckle. This particular concept evokes the form of a Gibson Les Paul guitar.
Product Sketching - Several early concepts for a 4-point restraint system developed by Ford. The focus was to create simple, easily recognizable forms that represent safety, ease of use, and pop culture appeal.
Concept Sketching - An inked drawing for a graphic novel concept featuring a battle-worn android protecting a small child.
Concept Sketching - Some character studies in a movie poster-inspired collage. Ballpoint pen on paper.
Concept Sketching - A manned attack pod, a suave young leader, and a futuristic marine, all from the same story. Maybe one day it will all come together. Ballpoint pen on paper.
The Future of Mixed Martial Arts - With UFC 100 approaching, I started wondering what combat sports would be like in the future. Who knows this might not be far from it. Pencil.
Alex Bosoy
Senior Graphic Designer & Freelance Illustrator Chicago, IL