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Nike Tennis Concept - Nike U.S. Open tennis concepts.
Nike Tennis Concept - Nadal - Nadal is my guy. If I had the opportunity to design product for him, it would look something like what you see here.
Nike Tennis Concept - I combined the Nadal aspect of the U.S. Open to create a series of impact graphic tees that celebrate the Nadal brand as well as an ad campaign celebrating both him and the city.
Nike Concept - Oregon - As a fan of the the Ducks, I created a small capsule package of graphic tees meant for players of the Ducks and fans alike. To be sold in the student stores on campus and at the stadium. It's a mix of training copy & fan support imagery. The poster is a play on the old Nike "Birth of Cool" ad campaign from '72.
Professional Work
Professional Work
Adidas Originals - A collection of varied graphic packages in a one shot format.
Quiksilver Work
Hurley work
North Face - My North Face Concept/Initiative project. I wanted to show a more commercial design side of my repertoire. This includes copy and visual branding campaigns.
Maui & Sons - Old School Surf Brand.
J. Crew - Just a sample of some of my J.Crew work. Worn work wear inspired. Vintage Americana heritage.
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
John Bounds
Senior Graphic Designer Portland, OR