Black Ford Mustang - Modeled in 3d Studio max. Interior is also modeled down to the last detail. Also modeled custom reflections in max and used V-ray to render the final scene.
Gearbox - Cutaway view of a wind turbine gear box. Modeled in 3d Studio Max and rendered with V-ray
Wind Turbine - Wind Turbine modeled in 3d Studio max, Model is detailed inside and out and is animated. Rendered with V-Ray
Wind Turbine Interior - Inside elevator in a wind turbine. Modeled in 3d Studio max , lit and rendered with V-Ray
Door Knob - Door knob was modeled for a client animation who wanted to show how to replace the internal cylinder mechanism. Model is very detailed with all working animated parts. Modeled in 3d Studio Max and rendered with V-Ray
3D Lock Box - Lock box modeled from an existing design for a client animation. Modeled with Blender and 3d Studio Max. Final render with V-Ray
Ford Mustang Interior - These are several examples of my modeling ability. Each item was modeled in 3D Studio Max
ProVia home exterior product applications. Modeled in Blender and enhanced in Photoshop.
3d Work

Several examples of 3D modeling work. Used mostly in Advertising applications.

Brian Plauger
3D Modeler Interactive Multimedia Designer Mineral City, OH