Tail Gator's Cornhole Company Website - Website for a cornhole company in Northeast Ohio. Also programmed the site's HTML and CSS
WRL Green Blog - Concept / Mock up
Katie's Place - http://www.amarblelady.com Website, designed and programmed with Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
Mercy Medical Center, cantonmercy.org - Designed in Photoshop. Client always had issues with everyone wanting to be on the homepage. Came up with dynamic concept with random footer, news, event, and large banner element that allows for potentially dozens of different departments to be on the homepage at random. Also programmed HTML and CSS of site. Helped add site into already coded Ruby on Rails CMS
Litzler - Web design concept for the Litzler company.
Web Design Concept for a Lock Company - Company wanted an updated clean look and feel with plenty of room to show their specials
Concept Services Website - Website design from scratch, Was given company logo and general idea that the client wanted a rotating banner concept. Designed in Photoshop
Huff Run - Designed for Huff Run in Photoshop.
Knox Energy
CMS Demo - Concept / Mockup
Web Design

Various websites design from WRL, amd personal projects.

Brian Plauger
3D Modeler Interactive Multimedia Designer Mineral City, OH