The main challenge for developing the visual language was creating work that was modern while still maintaining a strong Catholic identity. Adobe Jenson Pro was selected as the primary (really the only) font family. The traditional foundation of Jenson, coupled with its subtle modern twists made it a perfect choice. The range of weights, styles, and optical sizes allowed for a myriad of applications. The imagery pulled heavily from Renaissance era religious art and photographs of traditional Catholic life. Layouts emphasized clarity and stability.
Prayer Cards for Fortnight For Freedom Event. Prayer was translated into 7 languages and paired with art work of the Blessed Mother or Saints that reflect the diversity of American Catholics.
Oversized postcard for the Canonization of Father Bernarn J. Quinn.
Poster series promoting Catholic life in conjunction with various churches in the diocese. There were 25 posters that covered Catholic rites like marriage and communion, as well as holidays such as Mother's Day and Easter.
Diocese of Brooklyn

In 2012 SaveMor Digital Printing began working with the Diocese of Brooklyn. While their media wing, known as DeSales Media, was restructuring we stepped in to handle their printing and design needs. Over the next few years I did everything from photo retouching, to recreating and redesigning logos, to developing branding and art direction for print ephemera that is still in use today. As a result, we expanded our client base of churches inside and outside of the area. At its height (2014) almost a third of our work was for the diocese or affiliated parishes.

Brian Polite
Creative Professional Brooklyn, NY