Venom-1 Dune Buggy

I wanted to see how far I could push my SolidWorks skills by designing a mechanically complex object and learn the rendering package Keyshot in the process. The result is the Venom-1 dune buggy.

My main inspirations for this project were from spiders as well as the design styling of motorcycle brand Deus Ex. By looking at spiders and their webs I was really attracted to the idea of the beauty, functionality and lightness of a spiders web. That design mentality was the driving force behind the structure of the vehicle. It appears woven together in a beautiful yet functional and light frame. By looking at spiders themselves, I incorporated a suspension design that appears to be a spider couched and ready to spring!

From the Deus Ex bikes I was referencing, I very much appreciated the celebration of the mechanical nature of a motorcycle accented by simple pops of color and simple, well though out overall form.

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Brad Lutjens
Industrial Designer Denver, CO