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One of the agendas I pushed with our new products was to introduce a shared (and vibrant) brand language into our product. Products that photograph well end up on social media faster and more often. However it wasn't all about beauty. We were able to join multiple parts into a single sheet metal bend-up. We also introduced a more standardized handle collar that would benefit costing on several products.
It's a fairly straightforward design but we were able to introduce a little flare and scrub out cost by moving to a cast wheel. We were able to reduce our build cost by $20 per unit with that one change!
This was major upgrade to the project. In the previous version, retrieving seed from the hoppers was a bit awkward and somewhat physically taxing. We were able to introduce a slight gap which allowed us to attach a better collection funnel.
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Six-Row Seeder

Improved design of a popular Johnny's developed tool.

This represents the first of my effort in championing internal product development for Johnny's Selected Seeds. We increased the functionality and ironed some performance issues. Additionally, we actually reduced the overall build cost and implemented a new branding scheme. Rather than keeping the additional profit, Johnny's chose reduce the sell price to reflect those savings.

We have re-engineered our Six-Row Seeder to make it more efficient and easier to use. Our new model includes tabs on the drive wheel for improved traction in a wider variety of soil types, open wheel ends for easily cleaning out the wheel cage, a seed funnel for efficiently collecting unused seed (saving you time and money), powder-coated steel frame, and an adjustable offset 59" handle. Design based on customer feedback and our own trial observations. Made in the USA.

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Bradford Waugh
Industrial designer Decatur, GA