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Atlantis Aesthetics: Elara
The same rendering as previous but set in the early morning hours
more preliminary sketches
first sketches for the Prophecy.
Sketch Orthographics before I lay them out with proper dimensions
The Prophecy- Concept 2
The Prophecy- Concept 3: I swept the tail upward on this design. The background is a visual of the western coast of Atlantis.
Sketches for the X1 Hayley GS (Ground Speeder)
X1 Hayley GS (Ground Speeder)
The X-1 Hayley marked the beginning of Atlantis Aesthetics rise to domination in the Terra Racing Championship (TRA). The TRA tested Atlantis' best drivers and manufacturers on racing circuits. When Atlantis Aesthetics joined the scene they meant business. The X1 Hayley dominated for 5 years straight and held the record for most wins by a driver / manufacturer.
quick shading over a sketch idea for the mass transport vehicle in progress
cliff side bases and doodles - A concept firm in the beginning stages. Atlantis Transport and Aerospace.

more to come soon!!
A sketch of Atlantis' northern terrain, watchtowers, and a frieght transporter
doodle of a ship docked at a port loading/unloading
continuing with the transporter ship refining. I was trying to visualize a ship docked at port waiting to be loaded from a first person stand point. I think I may do a cleaned up version in the near future
Bike concept and model (wearing some Maglev high heels) posing on the inter city business district bridge in western Atlantis.
guard robot - loose rendering of a robot from my sketchbook
Pulled from the sketch book. Delivery truck about to head out for the day.
Walking through Atlantis' forests you will stumble on a few sanctuaries tucked far away from the fast moving cities. I pulled this from the sketchbook and I'll probably do a refined rendering of this soon.
Sketch of a mobile lab transporter working its way along the steep Atlantian coastline. The transporter has tires which connects into the road's energy and power grid system. As for the pulled cargo, it is levitated by magnets. When off road (which happens often) the cargo is levitated with computer controlled air bursts.
Here's a doodle of the eastern most building in the Atlantian Capital. This building acts as both a check-in station for arriving air ships and a first defense fortress. It's located on an outcrop of islands just out side the capital city.
The northern Atlantian terrain is very mountainous with beautiful summers and extreme winters. This castle is believed to the highest altitude structure in the Atlantian Empire.
Atlantis Aesthetics
Brent George
Senior Graphic Designer / Concept Artist / Illustrator / Long Beach, CA