Furniture exploration 2 - More will be added soon. Orange chair collaboration with Bob St. Aubin. Photoshop.
Furniture exploration 1 - Furniture collection concepts. Photoshop.
Couch concept - Form forces a connection. Photoshop.
Cube furniture - Cubes can be used as coffee tables or stools. Lift up to use as chair or couch. Inside upholstery will have a bold and unexpected pattern that juxtaposes the clean white shell. Photoshop.
Stingray Lounge - Remember in Wayne's World, when Wayne and Garth laid on the hood of a car? Well that inspired me with the idea, what if a lounge was inspired by one of the most iconic car hoods of the last 50 years, the Corvette Stingaray. Top: fiberglass lounge chair inspired by Stingray Corvette. Bottom: Aluminum lounge chair inspired by Lockheed Lounge. Photoshop.
Portion Control Plate - People do not want to be fat. It has simply been designed into their lives. In the last twenty years, portion sizes have steadily increased congruently to the pace of obesity. Excessive protein has been linked to the number one killer in America: heart disease. The portion-control plate retrains the user to eat one portion of protein, which is 3 ounces. Still, protein is essential. Therefore, its center section is raised, with a slight dip in the center to hold the juice.
Condom Coaster - In the heat of passion, if you can't find a condom on your bedstand, you may not use one. This box doubles as a drink stand, but discreetly helps you be safe. Other concepts include (from left) candle holder, belt-buckle holder, and a hardcover book.
"Blocks of One" salt and pepper - Wouldn't it be nice if every time you were passed the salt, you were also passed the pepper? A magnet attaches these "Blocks of One" so that with a simple twist they can be separated, or kept attached and poured together.
iPod Stereo collection - Twisting stand creates 360 degree sound, while the base leaves the bottom of the platform.
Dog toy collection - Line of toys for a startup pet company. Iconic forms create minimal tooling.
ESPN Replay, RealLiveSports - Digital video camera with video editor/dock. The cut-out serves as a handle. Photoshop.
ESPN PlaybyPlay, RealLiveSports - Designed from concept to production. Line released starting at Best Buy in November, 2006.
Photoshop rendering sample - Photoshop rendering completed with the aid of a photo of a Foose car as reference. Design of logo.
Footwear sketches
Bottle sketches
Geometric-Organic sketches - Top: Geometric design sketches Bottom: Organic design sketches
Transport Sketches - Random sketches from my sketchbook. Some of these are copies of existing designs that I liked, while some of these I made-up.
ABC's American Inventor: Pureflush photo - This is the final product and packaging which aired on ABC. A germ filtering toilet seat, every flush filters potentially deadly aerosol caused from flushing a toilet. The filters also release a nice air freshening scent.
ABC's American Inventor: Pureflush packaging - Packaging for Pureflush filters (left) and toilet seat (center and right).
Architectural Design: Sydney skyscraper - Design of tallest building in the above image. Built in CAD. Photoshop.
HenmanBevilacqua Guitars
HenmanBevilacqua Guitars - Collaborated with HenmanBevilacqua to create some bitchin' custom-made guitars.
Desktop iPod Stereo
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