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Bacardi Football Jersey, created for a football program extolling the Bacardi Rum and Coke as the perfect non-beer football drink. I comped the image you see and delivered all the graphic files to the vendor who made these for the marketing group at Bacardi.
Bacardi sampling girl outfit concept for football program, along with printed napkin and tabletop flick football table tent.
The following items were part of a line of athletic wear I created while working with Mitre Athletics, a division of Elan Polo. I designed each item and worked with apparel sourcing companies to create a sample line that was used to market the product line to smaller boutique athletic chains. I was a one-man department on this brand, designing each item, communicating with development team, and creating all of the marketing materials for the launch. The catalog I designed is represented in the Design section of my portfolio. This spread includes elements of the men's line.
And these are a couple pages from the women's line.
I also created the catalog that represented both the apparel line and the athletic shoe line. I also designed the apparel tag used for shoes, shown here.
I was responsible for creating graphic sheets that would represent further line development for the Mitre brand.
This page represents 2 color designs that were used to print promotional tee shirts for trade shows and sales teams.
These illustrations and graphics were created for an urban hip hop accessory in New York. All artwork was created in 2-6 color screen applications and used for many different items including tshirts, headphones and several types of bags.
The artwork was placed on panels as well as all-over applications on bags and even heavy ink over-sized prints on tshirts.
I created the poster shown below for local Saint Louis boys gone big, and they dug it so much I helped them create a tour shirt for the summer Warped Tour. 2-color screen print on white tees.
Because of the Story Of The Year tshirt I was also asked to create a few designs for some of the other bands represented by their merchandise company. It was great to work with and be inspired by some of the biggest current alternative bands in music.
As the agency of record for the Saint Louis Rams NFL team we pitched several ideas to bring younger fans and families into the fold. These super hero themed items were meant to tie into the summer's biggest blockbusters.
As creative director in charge of our client, Tuaca, I have created many items with graphic treatments including apparel like tshirts, hats, and sampling girl dresses.
For the Drinks & Ink promotion for Tuaca, we partnered with Corey Miller to create a line of event related products. I reshuffled and created vector versions of Corey's artwork and designed all the elements for the program.
This was a tshirt design for a production studio that specialized in illustration and digital retouching.
For the recent launch of Tuaca Cinnaster, a new flavor of liqueur, I designed several tshirts to be used as premiums and giveaways to the trade teams.

Graphics and apparel design projects that I have been involved with. I have been lucky enough to have worked both in the design and development of several different apparel and consumer goods projects.

The following are examples of apparel I have designed graphics for or designed the garment itself as well. I've also include some images of the many premium items that I helped to design for several of the bigger brands I have worked with.

Brian Yap
Designer/Illustrator Edwardsville, IL