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Oliver Sain Cd Packaging - Cd Packaging for greatest hits release of famous saxophone player Oliver Sain. Using collected low res photos, I created a watercolor style effect to deal with photography and create rich, loose feel.
Oliver Sain Cd Packaging 2 - more images from cd packaging. The interior booklet was 12 pages long with an extensive history of the artist.
SIUE Athletic Logo - As SIUE won its bid to start competing in NCAA Division 1 athletics, they decided a new look for their athletics logo was needed. The look was developed to help SIUE stand out from other teams in the respective conferences with a graphic and modern feel. Since its introduction, the logo has been embraced by the school and has been utilized on everythign from banners to alumni programs, to having the basketball court repainted with a giant version of logo
Boxing Clever Agency Identitiy - I had the opportunity to develop the logo and branding for this small agency. The name and mission, Boxing Clever; the sweet science of strategy, needed a quick read simple logo with alot of strength and texture.
Mitre shoe and clothing catalog
Mitre catalog spread
Mitre fabric hangtag
Mitre Soccer Brand T-shirts - Featuring the strongest sellers for the Mitre brand in the US, these designs were part of the presentation for local company, Elan Polo, to purchase the license to distribute Mitre branded clothing in the US. The designs on the left were used for promotional giveaways during the launch. The gritty style represented the shoe as strong, rough products for the discerning player.
Tuaca promotional comp
Tuaca promotional comp
Tuaca promotional comp
Bacardi Football - Utilizing the program logo and epic moody photography this poster connects the Bacardi and Cola with the vintage elements of football.
Each element is team specific without using team logos not licensed, and dependent only on color changes.
Bacardi Football Program Logo - Main program logo for the Bacardi football program. The look is a hybrid of classic vintage design and the more demographic oriented beer-look seen more often in football promotions.
Bacardi Basketball Bracket poster - The field marketing teams were using a bracket printout with a Bacardi logo slapped on it. This was designed to give the teams a slicker piece to help with on-premise events with blank team spots so the progress of the tournament could be tracked at events.
Bacardi Cuba Libre Poster - Thematic Poster design for future Bacardi brand educational program with main focus being on the high-profile Bacardi drinks.
Plan-it Wise Energy program identity
Plan-it Wise Energy program promotional kit
Doghouse Systems theme image
Doghouse Systems employee discount ad
LED Lighting Conference Invite - An alternative design for the LED conference invite, I not only developed this idea but wrote all copy. This version was meant to be a dear john letter to lightbulbs now that LED lighting makes more sense.
LED Lighting Conference Invite - Printed invitation for conference on the future of LED lighting for all industry professionals. The assignment was to give an edge to the newer technology of LEDs and create a separation between it and other types of lighting.
Ruby Rey Rum magazine ad
Ruby Rey Rum magazine ad
Ruby Rey Rum magazine ad
Promotional Look for Corzo recipe based program
White Castle Bumper Stickers - The assignment was to create light-hearted and fun bumper stickers for White Castle Hamburgers to tie into promotional platforms being executed. The top 2 are classic bumper stickers while the bottom 2 are over-sized window clings.
True Lemon Poster - True Lemon drink additive thematic poster. Using blocks of text above the product, with light and airy photography below, this design was meant to lend credence to the light all-natural aspects of the product.
Energizer Rechargeable Packaging - Program and packaging elements for Energizer Rechargeable products. While not the most exciting designs, I found this project challenging as it involved developing looks within very strict brand guidelines.
Advertising for El Dorado Rum
Chambord Global Ad Campaign
Chambord Global Ad Campaign
Chambord Global Ad Campaign
Design Portfolio

Portfolio of design projects done both within agency environment and in freelance capacity

Brian Yap
Designer/Illustrator Edwardsville, IL