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Budweiser Sports Program illustration style - Created illustration style remniscent of supplied reference to create visual look for soccer program pitch to Budweiser.
Digital Energy Background for Bud Light - Created energetic digital type background for Bud Light bottle using brand colors. This image was created from scratch.
Image and color manipulation for Borden Cheese Ad - Colorized background and retouched image to achieve brand color look.
Cereal Box Back - Created illustration digitally from a sketch, and even made the working maze.
Icehouse Girls retouching - Did all retouching and color correction for this image including adding all logos and type treatments that look embossed in metal.
Self-Promotional Piece for 4Alarm Studio - concepted and created this ad for self promotional ad in softball championship program. I executed the digital effects for the embossing.
Composite Digital Illustration For Crayola - researched and created composite image from stock photography. all children needed to be color corrected and meshed and placed according to loose comp.
Underarmour graphics - Created all vector linework effects to give photography a future soldier look. Image was used in Under Armour for military applications pitch.
MGD bottle dropping in water
MGD light bottle dropping in water - Created bottle falling through water effect for MGD blinddate promotion
Digital realestate comp - Created digital rendering of future building development using original photograph ( bottom ) and stock photos. File was created in such a way to achieve timelapse effect in flash.
Digital Image creation for website - Image on top was created from over 25 stock photos to get "perfect house" look. Rooms on lower panel were created to match quick angled photography of each room and built to look like a cutaway when used in interactive website.
Bacardi/Grey Goose innaugarul party poster
Digitally manipulated photography for Doghouse systems
Digitally manipulated photography for Doghouse systems
Digitally manipulated photography for Doghouse systems
Digital Manipulation Portfolio

I began working in advertising as a production specialist, and have continued to utilize those skills in my design and illustration. These are examples of just some of the projects where those skills were helpful in the project.

Brian Yap
Designer/Illustrator Edwardsville, IL