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Portfolio Art - Artwork Assortment
Super Spud 4x
Sculptures-Single Views
Uni Star - Alternate view of my thesis piece, an Environmental Sculpture on site. The actual final arrangement is shown in the Sampler Pix. Origami was an influence in this folded tainless steel Sculpture
Sculpture variety - Hard to choose wax and digital toy sculpts since I've sculpted hundreds of them over my lengthy toy career. There are other wax toy sculpts if you check the check out my link on.
Sculptures-Single Views
Vacuum Formed Relief - Wall Faces
Sculptures-Single Views
Sculptures-Single Views
Super Spud - Front view
Ultimate Hulk - IRIE.......
Gargoyle Figure - 13 in.
3D Paper Relief - Paul McCartney -at 64
3D Drawing - 2007 exhibit - Relief Drawings
Captain Kangaroo - Play Doh Head
Dinotopia - Clay Dinosaur
White Tiger - GI Joe - save the tiger
GI Joe - Save the Tiger
Sculptures-Single Views
SW Coins - R2D2 & C3PO relief
Commission - Bronze sculpture- Assistantship
Commission - Stone Sculpture - Assistant
Ceramic Mural - Tile Relief - Organics
Stone sculpture
Stone sculpture
Stone sculpture
Mother & Child - Marble Sculpture
Garden Sculpture - Academy Exhibit
Exhibit - Wire sculpture
Starting Lineup Magazine Magazine - Photo article about Sculting Sports Figures.
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Portfolio Survey
Charles Kovach
Freelance 3D Sculptor / Designer Bristol, RI