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Tamp cafe chair

This barstool is influenced by the cafe Da Capo in Edmonton. The overall material and immaterial qualities of the space were clean and simple, so I reflected these elements in both the product and process of this piece. The name tamp is referencing the device used to pack down espresso grounds. This relates to the idea of the chair being friction fit to the base. They would be shipped in two stacked groups, the bases and the seats, and once unpacked all the assembly needed is to simply nest the seat on the metal frame. For security and durability measures, small supports and two screws keep the chair safe but still easily assembled.
The chair holds a strong visual lightness as to allow the maximum amount of light travel through the space, and the base maintains continuity as is repeated through the cafe.

material: 3/4”bent steel tubing, white powdercoat paint, maple, felt

size. H 27” . W 16” . D 16”

Britt Reed
Industrial Design Student Edmonton, Canada