SteriShoe+ final production product. I did the industrial design working for Middlecott who also did the graphic design, packaging, and branding for this product.
The SteriShoe+ which I was responsible for the product design was overfunded on Kickstarter by over $40,000.
Packaging, graphic design and branding for the SteriShoe+ designed by Middlecott.
Early quick product design sketches for the SteriShoe+ controller.
SteriShoe+ final product prototype. I did the product design working for Middlecott Design who also did the graphic design, packaging, and branding for this product.
Story boarding and vector graphics I worked on with Middlecott Design for the SteriShoe+ instruction manual.
Early orthographic drawings for the product design of the Sterishoe+.
The Sterishoe+ shown in its packaging out in the wild!
Development ID sketches of the SteriShoe+ exploring certain aspects of the product design details.
Development models including an early foam mockup to test ergonomics and a later development model testing the look and feel of the design.
Initial ID sketches for the SteriShoe+ shoe sanitizer.

Lead industrial designer for the Steri Shoe+, a shoe sanitizing product. It sanitizes shoe via ultra violet light that kills germs inside the shoe while also has a fan the helps the shoes dry out and scent cartridge that helps them smell fresher. As part of Middlecott Design, we were responsible for the graphic design, product t design and branding of this product from initial sketch to final product. We worked with a Taiwanese company for the mechanical and electrical engineering. This product was over funded on Kickstarter by over $40,000.

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Brook Banham
Day tripper, night dreamer Detroit, MI