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The Sierra Club: Brand Strategy Analysis - This book is the accumulation of analytical research and the proposal of a new brand strategy for the Sierra Club. The theme behind the proposal is "looking back". This theme refers to the idea of the Sierra Club going back to its historical roots to clarify their mission objectives and values to promote increased member participation within the organization.
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE: Book cover re–design, promotional poster and book mark - This is a re–design for the cover of Anthony Burgess' book A Clockwork Orange. The idea was to create a promtional identity for the book and support material through the use of color and an iconic representation of the books title — a clock grear and orange slice.
BLEAT: A visual essay on civil liberty abuses - This is a book that expresses, through visual form, the decay of democratic values that the United States was founded upon.
INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL: Valentines Day Promo - These are frames for a televised promo advertising a Valentines Day special for the Independent Film Channel (IFC).
MISCELLANEOUS GRAPHICS - These are examples of miscellaneous graphics and typographic compositions from various projects I have done.