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WS engenharia - Engineering company
Cioccolato Sorvetes - The Cioccolato began after the restructuring of the company to better compete in the ice cream market. The development of the company branding and naming aims to explore the semiotics of the most consumed ice cream flavor in the world, the chocolate. The name of the company in Italian refers to the country which was one of the originators of the ice cream and the symbol refers to the product offered by the company.
Priscila Atie
Upside O'Clock
Alta Tensao
Noz Moscada - The Noz Moscada company is responsible for a line of frozen food and served in their own restaurant. The naming of the company originated based on the characteristic nut moscada taste of its products.
Prefeitura de Aral Moreira - The branding developed for Aral Moreira’s government aims to emphasize the innovation and transformation that the new mandate will exercise, symbolized by the slogan: “new times”. For that, was considered the soybean’s form through germination and growth, due to its agricultural potentialities towards the city.
Drogaria Nova Andre Luis - Drugstore logo
Trentin Advocacia - For the Trentin Advocacia to distinguish itself in a competitive market, a brand was developed so that it refers to the law symbol with softer lines and with the initial letter of the lawyer.
Furini Video - The Furini Vídeo, an entertainment company which provides film locations, has its mark developed with the objective of transmiting the unusual and difference as the company’s profile, as well as the product offered to its customers.
ROMA Shop - The Roma Shop prepares to extend their performance to the market through furniture, appliance and electronic sales from Internet, operating in Mato Grosso and Rondônia states. This branding was developed through cultural data of both the states, using the colors of its flags.
Intercultural Study Centre
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Bruno Oro
Product Designer, Graphic Designer and Academic Ningbo, China