Kammy's Kause 2013 'Blood/ Sweat/ Tears' Campaign Art Every year, Bob Ewing and I take time out of our busy lives to pour our heart and souls into a project near and dear to both: Kammy's Kause. This year we wanted to tell the story of how this 100% DIY event has grown into a nationally recognized fundraiser. The story begins and ends with all the people who donate their time and energy; just as Bob and I do. To tell this story visually seemed like a huge undertaking. We wanted to honor everyone, by showing all the small pieces that make up the beautiful whole. The theme we landed on this year was 10 years: Blood, Sweat, and Tears. We give the small illustrations context within Blood, Sweat, or Tears with use of color. By overlaying the three categories of symbols, we create something beautiful, and you see the 10 years shine through...
Kammy's Kause 2013 'Blood/ Sweat/ Tears' Hand Drawings
Bozo Portrait of me and my friend and collaborator in all things Kammy's Kause, Bob Ewing
Kammy's Kause 2012 'Circus' Campaign Art
Kammy's Kause 2011 Concert Promotion Art
Breakdown Kings Band Portrait
BYVM x REBEL8 T-shirt Design Submission
Illustration Work
Bryan Beaver
Footwear Designer/ Artist Boston, MA