Processing iterations
Overlaid processing runs (left); Extruded top-view (right)
3D-printed model of extruded form
Section (top left), plan (top right), and split perspective (bottom) of extruded box form
Prototype paper model of simplified structure of building
Paper model of building with felt interior
Another view of paper model of building with felt interior
3D model of building with interior revealed
Section 1
Section 2
Rendered perspective of interior
Acoustic Chamber

A neural network, artificial or natural, is a system of cognitive processes that can adapt. This notion was used as a precedent for a program to create a space. My final structure is a special acoustic chamber of the future which can be used for large performances and/or smaller gatherings. The walls are dynamic and respond to the various audial stimuli that are created within.
Project for 4.113 Architecture Design Fundamentals II, taught by Skylar Tibbits and Pari Riahi.

Bryan Lee
Product, Strategy, & Design Redwood City, CA