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Complete structure (cube and pedestal)
Pedestal without cube
Pedestal top with cube
Cube removed from pedestal top
Cube (alternative view)
Cube (alternative view 2)
Cube (alternative view 3)
Disassembly 1
Wooden piece 1
Disassembly 2
Plaster piece 1
Disassembly 3
Detail of lock mechanism of second plaster piece
Disassembly 4
Plaster piece 2
Disassembly 5
Disassembly 6
Wooden piece 2
Wooden piece 3
Detail of wooden piece 2
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A cubic puzzle was created to experiment with the intricacies of three-dimensional space and materiality. The materials used are basswood and plaster. To assemble the complete cube, each piece must be properly locked in place in the correct sequence. The pictures show the cube being disassembled. Project for 4.111 Experiencing Architecture Studio, taught by Filip Tejchman.

Bryan Lee
Product, Strategy, & Design Redwood City, CA