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Top view of precedent structure in Rhinoceros.
Front elevation of Rhinoceros model
Right elevation of Rhinoceros model
Perspective of Rhinoceros model
Wooden rods set in wooden frame
Completed frame
Stringing process begins
Detail of a string anchor point
Further in the stringing process
Stringing completed
Final model with small-scale model on the left
Small-scale model being compared to full-scale final model
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Large Scale 3D Form-making

This project was an assignment in large-scale 3D form-making. Extruded from wave curves, the 3D model illustrates the interactions and intersections of three different curves. The strings emphasize each individual connection among the anchor points and creates a three-dimensional form within the network. This project was for 4.112 Architecture Design Fundamentals I, taught by Cristina Parreno and Joel Lamere. The black and white photographs were taken by Phil Seaton.

Bryan Lee
Product, Strategy, & Design Redwood City, CA