"Saturdays" card pallet for Wal-mart - Pallet created for the offbeat card line
Cards for Kids packaging - This product was conceived as a way to market christmas cards to young customers. The packaging was to designed to draw the interest of children.
Wal-mart seasonal signage - Signs created for different Easter card lines.
Hallmark Christmas card and gift wrap pallet schematics created for Wal-mart - The objective of this project was to create fun, eye-catching pallets that would draw the attention of shoppers in Wal-mart checkout lines.
Aisle 5 Logo Design - Logo/signage created for the Hallmark studio that works with large retail and wholesale clients (supermarkets, drug stores, Costcos, etc).
Costco gift wrap and stationary initiative - This was packaging presented to Costco. On this project I collaborated with art directors and packaging engineers to create unique and functional packaging for "all-in-one" Hallmark gift wrap and stationary product lines.
Brian Stokes
Graphic Designer Austin, TX