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Nat Geo Channel: DVD Face Design - Freelance work done for National Geographic Channel designing a DVD Face and Cover for a new television series.
Nat Geo Channel: DVD Face Design - This was a design concept at the moment and was Freelance work done for National Geographic Channel designing a DVD Face and Cover for a new television series.
Save-The-Date Email Ad - Also this is some Freelance work done for National Geographic Channel in January 2010 designing an email Ad for the 2010 Ad Sales Summit in DC. The imagery for the Upfront Campaign are supposed to be striking, unstoppable, dynamic and supposed to convey action based on the series of shows to follow.
Inscribe Media Logo
CDR (Caruso Design + Renovation) - A current concept for a friend starting up a Restoration business doing Interiors to existing establishments.
Our Fathers House - Our Fathers House is a Adult Ministry Group through a church located in St. Mary's County, Maryland that caters to young couples or singles that are in their later 20s and 30's that are working professionals. The Logo version at the top is being used for Printed materials and the logo at the bottom is being used for the website and other digital media.
New York Construction Ad - Dewberry Inc. - This was a 4x7 Black & White Magazine Ad that was featured in a Publication for a Dewberry client.
Erickson Barnett (Site Redesign) - Erickson Barnett is a marketing/creative agency located in Reston, Virginia. In July of 2007 our design team launched a site redesign project where each designer including myself were to redesign our own concepts for the new design of the company site. The goal of this particular concept was to keep the site within a simplistic corporate appearance as well as adding some creative, dynamic flare that shows a little of EB's team personality as well.
Tomorrow's Money (Site Redesign)
First Advantage (Collateral Redesign)
Mobile Access - Direct Mail Piece - 4"x8" Glossy Double-sided card was designed following a collateral design done with other designers at a previous design agency that I had worked for. I had designed the direct mail piece here.
MicroPact Logo Concepts - A collection of logos and the sub logos below to show their different services. These were two concepts presented to a client at a former Graphic Design job.
TSA Conference Collateral - This was a collateral piece for the TSA that was designed also at my former graphic design position a couple years ago. There was a TSA Security Brochure that was designed as well as a 3'x4' door & table banner that was to be for the conference.
G-First Conference 2009 Collaterals (Concept)
Bauhaus Typographic Poster - This poster of Hamburg, Germany was supposed to represent the typographic era of the Bauhaus Movement in Germany. The Elbe River Harbor Bridge is one of the many notable sights within Hamburg that is seen and is represented in this poster. The rationale in the color scheme is supposed to capture the feel of the city with the neutral grays of the gloomy climate and the presence of the River in the city.
Qantas Australian Airlines - Collateral (Senior Project 2006)
Photo Manipulation - Subway Platform in Upper East Side, NYC
This is a a collection of some of the Marketing Materials that were put together from a recent position working for a Multifamily Housing Brokerage Firm. While working there, it was my full responsibility for revamping the old Layout Template into a cleaner and more modern look. The goal was to go from the original Portrait Layout to Landscape, making for both a more visually-appealing read while still holding the same amount of content while still adhering to the company branding guidelines.
Certified Pre-Owned Guide Layout Revamp - March 2012
Client: Audi of America HQ
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Byrdesign Portfolio

This is a compilation of many various pieces done over my six-year tenure as a Graphic Designer. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

Sean Byrd
Designer seeking both full-time employment and networking opportunities. Reston, VA