The Home Plate.
Sketching illustration devices that show the relationship between communication, the calendar, and other relevant data.
Prototyping the illustration devices with a combination of Adobe Illustrator and the Processing programming language. Each of these prototypes moved to show the passage of time.
The personal assistant in collapsed mode, AKA, the home plate.
The calendar section expanded from the home plate. As time passes, events move from right to left, slowly heading towards the zero mark. The calendar is divided into three sections: Events - Where and when I need to be. The length is duration, and the leader of the front compensates for travel time. Work - Time allocation for projects and their sub-tasks. The grayed out areas are time not available to do work. Due - Deadlines. Size is based on the number of hours needed to complete a task, with a status bar on the bottom of each task. This section is sub-divided into short-term and weekly scales.
The home plate is expanded to show the calendar and communication sections, plus an email that is being written and a notification of a scheduling conflict. The communication section is arranged along two axes. The left side is the data, and the right side are means of sorting. The data is arranged with the most urgent communication at the bottom (sms and voice mail), and less urgent communication at the top (facebook).
Digital Personal Assistant

A digital personal assistant. Manages your calendar, communication, and notes.

Designed to be projected onto a work surface.