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My Personal Graphic Designer Identity - In my personal Graphic Designer identity I wanted to show the process of using Illustrator. I decided to use an identity system with three variations.
Express Type Foundry Identity - This is an identity for a type foundry I designed.
Logo Process Drawings - I did this for a client that wanted a logo designed for her organic produce and product business. It was inspired by her former rescued pet possum, Pogo, and the produce and products she sells.
Final Identity for client.
Ministry logo Variations - This logo is a work in progress. I am currently working on this logo for a young adult Christian ministry group as freelance work. I felt the trinity symbol embodied the denotation of the word fusion and what the group Fusion actually represents.
Logo - This is a logo I made for a youth ministry. This logo was applied to a banner and other promotional materials for the youth ministry.
These are ministry logos applied to shirts.
I designed this logo for the partnership of Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults with Walter Reed National Military Medical Comprehensive Cancer Center.
I created these four logos during my Graphic Design and Brand Co-op at Volvo Group Trucks Operations North America. The first logo was for the Volvo GTO Quality of Life team that ensures the employees are happy and enjoy their work environment. The second logo was for Family and Friends Tour Day that is a group that sets up tours of the Volvo GTO manufacturing facility for the community. The third logo is for the Volvo GTO Supply Chain. The fourth logo is for a group called Volvo Group Gives that gets involved in supporting the community. The fifth logo is being used to promote proper safety in the Volvo GTO facility.
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These are two logos I created at Barefoot Graphics. The first logo is for a church. I recreated and updated their logo. The second logo is for an oyster business.
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