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Custom Font Virtual Painter Applied to Type Foundry Website - In this work, I created a custom font, Virtual Painter, and applied it to a type foundry website design. My intent of the font was to make it appear as if the brushes painted the letters themselves.
Typography Calendar (Front cover and back pictorial) - I designed a calendar completely composed of type. I created numerous letter patters and placed them within the letter forms. I then arranged the month letters in an interesting manner.
Experimental Magazine Article Layout - My intent of this work was to visually express the meaning of the article within it through text. I wanted the viewer to feel the "perilousness" of the text as they viewed the layout.
Process Service Brochure - I designed this for a client's process service business, Madden & Madden. His demographic is targeted to attorneys.
Wedding Invitation, Response, & Reception Cards Set
This is a sign I designed to promote the benefits of broach timers used on seven large manufacturing machines at Volvo Group Trucks Operations. The broach timers help greatly reduce energy usage in the facility. These were printed on vinyl stickers that were then applied directly to all seven manufacturing machines.
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I made these birthday invites for a surprise birthday for a client.
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This is a two sided business card I created for Moonstruck Oysters company.
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Typography & Layout
Christine Ritchlin
Graphic Designer ask if necessary, MD