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Linked Fate Logo - Non-Profit organization whose goal is to foster dialogue between individuals working toward social, environmental, and political change. Our time, fate, and interests are all interconnected.
Decorating Matters Logo - Interior Designer needed energetic, enthusiastic and accessible brand image to set her apart from her competition and to appeal to her target demographic.
LonePeak Computer Logo - Logo design
Salt Lake City based computer consulting and trouble shooting company.
The logo emphasizes their outdoors heritage and accessibility to the non-computer savvy
Health Impact Partners Logo - Logo design
A progressive non-profit building cooperation across social, economic, racial boundaries. HIP seeks to improve the environment through cooperation between businesses and communities. The logo emphasizes their environmental focus and community partnership
Trueheart Accupuncture - Business card and appointment card. Client needed to maximize printing costs and simplicity of use. We devised a business card with an easy to use and read appointment card on the back
Ayako Iino business card - Ayako Iino is a Japanese chef and instructor.
The illustration of a dicon raddish has cultural meaning and expresses her use of fresh, healthy ingredients in her cooking.
Whine and Cheese Invitation - Baby Shower inviation 'Whine and Cheese'.

'Plant the Seed' party favor. Pumpkin seeds, glacine envelope, and card with directions on reverse.
Wedding Invitation 1 - Wedding invitation book, RSVP card, rehearsal dinner card.
Wedding Invitation 2
Wedding Invitation 3
Postcard Design - The client wanted dalias, as well as a clean aesthetic.
Graphic Design
Juan Cagampang
Senior Industrial Designer Portland, OR