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GoRides Wheelchair process
GoRides Wheelchair - An expression of the state of one's soul, not the state of one's disability. Combining technical innovation with design to stretch the notion of what a wheelchair can do, where it can go, and of who uses wheelchairs. Adjustible wheel camber. Entire chair folds flat for transport.
sketches - pack, cycling shoes, web tablet
Lotus - Designed specifically for use with a compact fluorescent bulb and its unique physical characteristics of low heat, pale color, long life, and ecological importance. The lamp is made of recyclable and/or renewable materials (poplar, birch, aluminum, polyethylene, faux copper formica), and it packs flat. The articulating leaves allow subtle adjustments in light intensity. The copper laminant and wood warm the light color nicely.
Pups Tea Set - Virgin Atlantic Airlines - Project - A cast ceramic tea set to compliment the Virgin Atlantic style and market.
Philips Allez - Multi-media communication tablet for the home - project sponsored by Philips. Philips asked us to envision a new screen based appliance for the home. The Allez merges electronic communication with more analog means of communication like voice, facial expressions, and sketching, creating a seamless environment for content and expression in its' many forms.
Herman Miller Project 1 - Chair design
Chair combines legacy materials and forms in an updated combination. The plastic backrest also serves as underpinnings for seat and leg attachment - enabling it to be used with different leg configurations (ie. five wheel, rocker, bench, etc.)
Herman Miller Project 2 - sketch models show progression of form.
The chair consists of three main elements, greatly simplifying the chair assembly and re-configuration.
Toro - walnut and maple stool - constructed of solid walnut or maple, the stool is designed to interact with its partners.
School Projects
Juan Cagampang
Senior Industrial Designer Portland, OR