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Cou - Cowork public station

A new way to work. The cou do not pretend to be the substitute of the work office but it promises to be a good alternative. Made to be in parks and other public places it may allow people to work remotely near from your home, this way wouldn't need to take a car or a public transportation having more time to stay at home and less time in the traffic. The station allows the user to have eletricity wich is provided trow solar panels and if not used can go back to the chain of the location. The outles are in the center of the table and its form protects it from the rain. The table has two different heights to attend men and women of different percentiles and its also creates. The table is made of coconut fiber hardende with mammon resin and its form refers to Rio with the see wave and the organic form its modular caractheristc creates.

Caio Abi-Ramia
Designer @ Semente.co Rio, Brazil