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Linear Flowform
Poplar wood veneer cut and dried in a handmade mold.
Linear Planar Tectoform
Exploration of hierarchy and compartmentalization.
Planar Flowform
Experimental piece created by vacuum forming styrene with milled forms.
Solid Flowform
Laminated poplar wood cut on the bandsaw and finished by hand focusing on directionality and weight.
Hand Tool (Pressure Point Massage Therapy)
Study in distilling an existing product down to essential functions to create an ergonomic, functional form.
Detailed drawings explaining how to hold and use the Massage Therapy hand tool.
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Platter (3D Solidworks Render Study)
Dark wood base serving tray meant to lay across lap while in bed with removable inset compartmentalized plastic/ceramic dish.
Final Desk Presentation
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Form Study

Fall Semester 2013, second year Industrial Design studio projects at Virginia Tech.
Focusing primarily on the exploration and understanding of form.

Caitlin Kachmar
Industrial Design Student Blacksburg, VA