Not everyone carries a pen with them anymore, but more people probably would if it became more useful and more beautiful.
All of these tools can be integrated into items that you might carry with you anyways.
Take note of the unique shape of the pen's tip as well as the notch in the cap.
The notch and shape of the pen tip fit together so that the cap doubles as a T-Grip to increase torque.
Many EDC items include screwdrivers, but few are able to offer the shape and therefore, feel of a traditional screwdriver.
The wallet can be manufactured out of a single sheet of stamped steel.
One side holds several credit cards while the other side showcases a money-clip.
Naturally a similar approach could be taken with SAE sizes or one could carry a combination according to their own needs.
Every Day Carry - Triple Play

Everyone has EDC items, but not everyone thinks of it as anything special. You most likely at least carry some keys, your phone, and a wallet. Many carry extra items such as a multi-tool, knife, or bottle opener as well.

This project aims to simplify many users EDC load by combining the uses of common items with practical tools needed to maintain things like bicycles and skateboards along with a myriad of other devices.

The project is really 3 separate products that work together.
- Pen
- Money clip / Wallet
- S-Carabiners (for keys)

Caleb Claassen
Industrial Designer Helsinki, Finland