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Diploma project, city's agriculture, "Plein Champ".

I done this statement, agriculture are strongly linked to cities for their supply and we need to find new ways in the nearest future for agriculture to exist.

I choose an integration system, where agriculture is inside the city, for a local agriculture, and linked again Farmer and consumer.
I take as a basis the new techniques of soilless agriculture, new ecological construction's and building, energetic free, and with high recycle system for garbage.

As a focus, I did a hydroponic module, study to be multi-task, with the consumer and the cultivator.
His spiral form helps to have more plant on the same space, and his ovoid form helps the consumer.

The background is an huge building, where the level are one by flat slope, to increase the access to everyone, lot of glass wall to have more natural light, a roof entirely in photovoltaic cells for electricity free and a water filtration system to recycle used water and organic garbage.

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Clément Calloud
Designer - Directeur artistique Indépendant Annemasse, France