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Exhibit at the Imagine RIT Festival promoting the Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Side iPad kiosks explain what the Simone Center is (left) and its success stories (right). Center monitor and iPads showcase collaboration-themed games developed by a team of new media students.
Original backwall graphics that were printed I found were misleading on informing what the Simone Center really is about. The "evolve" theme was a metaphor for collaboration but I felt it was too prominent over the title of the "Simone Center" and its slogan. In my backwall graphic, I have the Simone Center title in bold yellow and across the top left corner. I have the slogan in oversized text in the lower right-hand corner. The text showing the metaphor that is evolve is shown much smaller in the top right-hand corner. The evoke "blob" logos are shown enlarged across the background of the back wall graphic.
Besides altering the back wall graphic, I also added a purple carpet with the evolve logo flowing from the backwall onto the floor. The iPad stands better reflect the booth by adding color found in other aspects of the exhibit. The monitors were also backlit with blue LED's to make them stand out better.
Exhibit Design

The Simone Center for Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship came to the Industrial Design Department asking for an exhibit to promote them at the Imagine RIT Festival. A class of senior industrial design students along with a class of junior new media students worked together with RES Exhibit's Creative Director, Tim Prinzing, to create an exhibit to promote student collaboration and the Simone Center at RIT. The project had some budget cuts and the final result was a graphic backwall with iPad kiosks and central monitor with an interactive game that displays collaboration developed by the New Media students. What is displayed here is what was produced at the Imagine RIT Festival, my modification of the created exhibit, and my own exhibit that I developed after the festival.

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Cameron Parker
Industrial Design Student Rochester, NY